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Wednesday, 03 March 2010 11:59

Section of secondary high and post-graduate education

Institute for applied system analysis

National technical university of Ukraine "KPI"


Conducts training on specialities:

8.05010104 - "Systems of artificial intelligence" (With SAP disciplines)
8.05010102 - "Information technologies in projecting"
8.04030301 - "System analysis and control" (With SAP disciplines)

Form of training

Term of training

Form of training: extramural and evening

Training takes place on a contractual basis

Standard agreement between the Institute and a student about the provision of educational service for the education and skill level of Bachelor can be downloaded here

Standard agreement between the Institute and the student about the provision of educational service for the education and skill level of Master can be downloaded here

Serve documents can be up to October 1, 2014

Term of training: 2 years in magistracy of speciality "Administrative management", or 3,5 years (2 years for bachelor degree and 1,5 year in magistracy) of another specialities.


  • Alumni-masters can work in such qualifications:
  • System analyst;
  • economist;
  • specialist from computer systems;
  • software engineer;
  • manager from strategical control of corporation from sustainable development;
  • expert from sustainable development problems;
  • administrator of data banks and data bases;
  • desiner of information computer systems in economics and business;
  • financial markets analyst;
  • developer of expert systems and systems of decision making support in economical and financial sphere;


  1. It is nessesary to apply such document for admission:
  2. Diploma and appendix of the diploma (copies and bring to show the originals)
  3. Passport (copies of pages 1, 2, 11)
  4. International passport (copy of 1-st page)
  5. Copy of identification code
  6. Medical certificate 0-86o (If you are the student of NTUU "KPI", It is not necessary to bring the certificate. You have to bring certificate from your Deanery about fact that you are really student of NTUU "KPI")
  7. Four fotos 3x4


Contact information:

Phone: 406-83-93
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Adress: 03056, Kyiv, Pobedy pr., 37, NTUU "KPI",Corpus № 35, room. 103